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Blanc Foussy Brut

Designation : TOURAINE ROSE

Grape varieties : Gamay-Cabernet

Origin : The area „Appellation d’Origine Protégée“ Touraine covers 5000 hectares and spans along the hillsides of the Loire and its tributaries Cher and Indre, from Blois to

Candes - Saint-Martin.

Vinification : Traditional Method of bottle fermentation, which ensures production of highest quality wines.

Soil : Clayey-limestone, clayey-silicious.

Country origin : FRANCE

Sensory characteristic :

Colour : A clear and fine sparkling with a subtle orange and pink reflection.

Nose : In flavour it evokes impressions of red fruits and floral notes

Palate : Fresh red fruits (strawberry and raspberry) and floral notes. Fine, silky with a supple finish.

Recommendations : In aperitif or with a dessert such as strawberries charlotte.

Serving condition in C° : 8°C

Alcohol content : 12

Acidity G/L : 0

Blanc Foussy Brut<br> TOURAINE ROSÉ