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The History

The Great Cellars of Saint-Roch, located along the Loire river in Rochecorbon, are the largest troglodytic cellars of the region.

These galleries, dug during the XIIth century, are a former tufa quarry. This soft rock, that becomes white exposed to the light, permitted the building of the most beautiful royal houses.

After the end of the exploitation, in the XVth century, the galleries were used for different activities, such as breeding of silkworms, or culture of mushroom. the climatic conditions, ideal for these cultures, are also perfect for maturation of wine. The galleries are today used for ageing of the Bulles de Loire Blanc Foussy vintage.

Geographical situation

Start your adventure in the Loire Valley in the city of Nantes where you can admire the castle and its walls; the famous restaurant La Cigale; the cathedral and its tombs; and the camellia and magnolia gardens. Then continue your journey to Angers, where you can visit its château, the Saint Maurice Cathedral, or the Terra Botanica park. On to Tours, the “city of art and history” where you can visit the museum of _ ne art and the La Scellerie quarter not far from the cathedral, with its antique shops, art galleries and chic boutiques.